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RADIRU*RADIRU is NHK’s official app available on live streaming of radio broadcasting through the Internet.Enjoy NHK radio programs in commuting, anytime and anywhere.Easy operating on tap, you can see broadcast table and easily touch in precise program information on Radio 1, Radio 2 and FM.RADIRU*RADIRU supports for smartphones with Android OS 2.3.3 or later, tablets with Android OS 3.0 or later.
The service is free of charge, however, it's strongly recommended choosing the flat-rate data plan.
What is NHK net radio, RADIRU*RADIRU?NHK Net Radio will make access to the station easier for listeners by solving reception problems inside buildings or in regions with wireless interference.
Programs provided: - Hokkaido prefecture on Radio 1 and FM - Miyagi prefecture on Radio 1 and FM - Kanto area on Radio 1 and Tokyo area on FM - Chukyo area on Radio 1 and Nagoya area on FM - Kansai area on Radio 1 and Osaka area on FM - Hiroshima prefecture on Radio 1 and FM - Ehime prefecture on Radio 1 and FM - Fukuoka prefecture on Radio 1 and FM On Radio 2, provided nationwide programs.
- Based on determination by IP address, all programs are available only in Japan.- Depending on your Internet connection, programs may not be available.- We don’t provide the time signal and EEW (Earthquake Early Warnings) because a delay of several seconds will occur.- We cannot provide some programs due to copyright.